Eye Pro

Eye Pro

Displays information about the brakes you have to take to avoid eye strain
Eye Pro v3.1
31 Jul 2017
Eye Pro v2.1
7 Jan 2013
Eye Pro v2.0
23 Oct 2012
Editorial review
Eye Pro v1.2
7 Feb 2012
Editorial review

What's new

v2.0 [23 Oct 2012]
Screen filters and add-on tools.
In-build work stress relieving mechanism.
Eye pleasing and User friendly Interface.
Vision Therapy feature to rectify common eye problems and improve various skills.
Adjustable short break duration.
Trophy and awards section.
Multi-language support (partially).
Improved Eye care tips section (eye care tips in picture mode).
Usage stats submission.

v1.2 [7 Feb 2012]
Latest version of EyePro v1.2 was released – 4th February
Latest version of EyePro, version 1.2, released with many exciting features. Latest version includes features like Eye Health Status Reports with suggestions and improved user interface. Improved Questionnaire for getting accurate THM code.

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